Well Mama

I am trying to recall how a positive plan can impact my everyday.  To follow along with this train of thought as well as my OCD need for everything to be somewhat organized and "listed" I am trying out developing an overall PLAN for myself.  This isn't just a fad resolution diet or a resolution to clean the basement or get more involved, but instead an actual plan of areas that I want to improve upon in my life to make me a happier, well rounded person. A better version of me.

My area of chosen attention are as follows ---
1) Health and Healthy Living - yes, this is exactly as you would assume. Me trying to lose weight, exercise and be healthy
2) Organize and Minimalize - Trying to find more of the value in what I have and condense the things we have. Organize the house
3) Activism - Ooh this one is something so for personal for me since the election. It always was involving certain causes near and dear, but I have expanded my horizons and have a new found fire burning in me to be an active part of change.
4) Relationships - I am an introvert at heart and know that I need to challenge myself to be better with those I care for. This means my relationship as Mom to my kids, Partner to Adam, family member and friend.
5) Enriching my Soul - Remembering to take time for me. Reading, attending a show, a lunch alone, a hike, getting my hair done, buying that silly shirt, whatever that may be.

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