The most recent Presidential election really got to me. There is one thing when you are disappointed that your candidate lost --- which I was --- but there is another when the person entering the White House is someone with whom almost every single position is against you, yours, or someone you hold dear.  Human rights issues are at stake and sitting around without taking action, giving into complacency is why we are here in this spot now.  I will not sit idly by while these things take place.  So, causes that I have always championed for like Autism, Education, LGBTQ rights and equality, the Environment, and the Right to Choose have been joined by a HUGE lot of others.
I stood in Washington, D.C. with half a million other like minded people on January 21st to be part of a have our voices heard. To let those in Washington know that we were there.  It was a historical and truly epic event to be a part of and witness.  I MARCHED.

As a mom raising four children, a wife of an amazing and respectful man, and a woman, I was compelled to take a stand and march!  I marched to preserve the unalienable rights of men and women - Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness -whether these women and men be minorities, LGBTQ, people with disabilities, or immigrants.  I marched to show my support for affordable healthcare, Planned Parenthood, Medicare and Medicaid funding. I marched to support scientific research for climate change and the environment.
I marched to remind those elected officials that they speak for the people and not for their own interests or personal agendas.
I marched to show that although I respect the office of the president and love my country, I will not stand by while the new Administration and Congress tramples on our rights as humans.
I vowed that I will not become like those who have spent the last eight years degrading and disrespecting Barack and Michelle Obama, but rather stick to the facts and things that matter to bring to the forefront when dealing with Trump. I refuse to allow this new culture of hate to become a normal thing. I will not allow myself to become desensitized to the sensationalism this election has brought about.
I am watching and listening, because doing nothing at all about these issues is not part of who I am or who I want my children to be. It is not the kind of country or world I want for them.

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